Polly Pocket Wall Party™ introduces your daughter to a whole new way to play—on the wall! The innovative toy comes with Command® Strips from 3M to adhere it to the wall. The Command Strips are designed to not harm your home’s walls in any way. Click the Instructional Video tab to review how to set up your Wall Party playset. The video includes a review of box contents, items you need to get started and helpful tips.

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Full Length Instructional Video

Watch this helpful video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Polly Pocket Wall Party.

STEP 1. Box Contents & Assemble the Playset

Check out everything you need to get started. Before you begin, review the set-up instructions

STEP 2. Prepare Brackets

Apply wall-safe Command(R) Strips to the playset’s blue cloud-shaped brackets.

STEP 3. Attach Brackets

Click the brackets into their designated areas on the playset.

STEP 4. Hang the playset

Review these helpful tips before applying the playset to your wall.

STEP 5. Hang Secondary Playset

Hang the secondary playset and zipline or slide connector.

STEP 6. Connect Other Playsets

Add more playsets to your wall and connect together to create your own Polly Pocket Wall Party world.